General Contracting Services Virginia

At Dominion Construction Group you’ll find a Class A General Contractor with well over a decade of construction experience and expertise, that we understand that close coordination of job sites, strong partnerships with subcontractors, and proactive communication with owners are critical to delivering quality projects within budget and in a safe and timely manner.

Our general contracting team here at DCG takes great pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other project partners, and works hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all of our project sites. We closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the safety, budget, and project timeline. As a general contractor, we can work with an owner or client in several different ways: negotiated contracts, not to exceed or a hard bid a proposal. DCG offers a full-service approach to general contracting services with a commitment to excellence, quality, and safety throughout.

General Contracting Services Virginia Include:
Flexible contracting
Construction estimating
Project accounting
Contract management
Pre-construction services
Client requirement evaluations
Project budget reviews
Project scheduling
Value engineering
Design/ Build services
Construction site supervision ,coordination and safety management

We are proud to be a leading construction company in Virginia, Washington DC and the surrounding states. We’re ready to help you create a space that fits the needs of your organization or company with dedication, skill, and timeliness.

Our team is always available to discuss your plans and ideas. Reach out to us today by going to our contact page.

DCG General Contracting Services Virginia

general contracting services Virginia
This project consisted of renovating a two story historic building in downtown Warrenton Virginia to accommodate a new bakery.

general contracting services Virginia

DCG recently completed a new 5,000 square foot multi-purpose facility in Fauquier County Virginia for Grace United Methodist Church!

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