General Contracting

DCG provides full General Contracting services to our clients. We have experience completing small and large projects, and we know how to face the challenges associated with a variety of projects. We have over 40 years of experience in construction and are comfortable completing every type of construction project. We routinely work on churches, schools, retail buildings, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Our General Contracting Services Include:

    • Flexible contracting
    • Client requirement evaluations
    • Project budget reviews
    • Project scheduling
    • Estimating and value engineering
    • Onsite supervision and coordination
    • Project accounting
    • Contract management

We are proud to be a leading construction company in Virginia and the surrounding area. We’re ready to help you create a space that fits the needs of your organization or company with dedication, skill, and timeliness. Reach out to us today at 540-428-3612 for more information.   general contracting-2015-page

Our team is always available to discuss your plans and ideas. Reach out to us today by going to our contact page or calling us at 540-428-3612.