DCG completes Airlie’s pavilion project

front elevationDCG completed a fast-paced project for the Airlie Convention Center in Warrenton this summer.The Airlie Convention Center in Warrenton uses their pavilion for weddings, conference dinners, and many other events.  It was an open-air pavilion built about 30 years ago.  This summer, DCG renovated and re-built the pavilion to raise the roof line, add insulation, add a cupola, add heating and cooling, and a wide veranda surrounding the pavilion.  With glass folding doors all the way around the octagonal pavilion, it still has the airy feeling that the owners preferred.  But, with heating and cooling and with keeping those glass doors shut, it can now be used year round.

Having to work around already planned events in the pavilion, DCG started the project in June and finished in early September, just in time for an event held there on September 10th.  The project is applying for LEED certifications from the US Green Building Council.