DCG Develops Solar Energy Initiative For Use on Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

PrintDCG develops working relationship with Dovetail Solar and Wind to use laminate and bracket mounted photovoltaic systems on pre-engineered metal building projects.

Dominion Construction Group is pleased to partner with Dovetail Solar and Wind to offer photovoltaic applications to our pre-engineered metal buildings.  Dovetail provides both bracket mounted and laminate PV systems.  Using no moving parts, solar photovoltaic modules capture the tremendous energy in sunlight and turn it into electricity. An inverter converts this DC electricity into clean AC power that feeds your building’s electrical system.

Benefits include
-Reduce your utility bills with clean, sustainable power
-Lower your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your operation
-Lock in the price of your electricity with free energy from the sun
-Government incentives are available to significantly reduce system costs
-Financing is available to match cash flow with energy