Metal Building Contractor Virginia

Metal Building Contractor Virginia

Our network of partners and subcontractors is one of our main assets. We can say with confidence, accordingly, DCG is one of the top metal building contractor in Virginia. As a result, we offer extensive knowledge and experience. Further more, partners and professional relations to build any metal structure or metal building for your business.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Above all, we focus on Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. In fact, this is the most cost effective way to design/build a top-quality metal building or structure. Our strategic partners, professional network and subcontractors are all highly qualified. As a result, we always find sound solutions to every area and stage of the project.

Nucor Metal Buildings

Building designs are by a flexible team of architects, engineers and contractors. Then, accordingly manufactured by the top Steel Building Manufacturer, Nucor Building Systems. This is part of a division of Nucor Corporation. For nearly 30 years, they have been a steel industry leader. Nucor creates custom metal building design with BIM 3D technology. Moreover, they subscribe to follow the Metal Building Manufacturer Association metal building guidelines and specifications.

Metal Building Projects

Take a look at our Metal Building Projects for examples of our work in partnership with Nucor Metal Building Systems. Our team of top ranked metal building contractors is always available to discuss your plans and ideas. DCG is well known in Virginia for being a leader in Metal building systems.

This project consists of a new 11,600 SF two-story building with a pre-engineered metal building frame, a wood-framed interior second floor and stair system. DCG is the metal building provider and installer.

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