Pre-Construction Services Virginia

DCG offers pre-construction services, to begin with, takes into consideration the non-building requirements of a project. We offer end-to-end services and, most important, provides you with a dedicated design team. Further more, work with your chosen consultants, architects, and engineers to make sure every aspect of the project pre-build have been considered. We’ll be there for you, specifically determining favorable site locations, working through schematic designs, addressing special zoning regulations, as well as the final drawing stage and securing a construction permit. As a result, this early involvement allows us to start building quickly, complete projects on time and above all under budget.

Pre-construction services Virginia we offer include:
Project feasibility assessments
Design team establishment
The coordination of architectural and engineering services
Obtain Early Subcontractor Input
Design scheduling
Prepare Schedules for Both Pre-Construction and Construction
Consultations to reduce costs and improve utility features
Participate in Permitting Process
Preliminary cost estimates
Conceptual Budgeting
Construction scheduling
Project financing consultations
Construction document preparation
Final cost analysis
Final contract negotiation with prospective subcontractors
Value engineering analysis
Reports on anticipated monthly cash flow projections

DCG  Pre- Construction Services Virginia

Dominion Construction Group is proud to serve you, specifically with quality pre-construction services focused on providing integrity, efficiency, and value. We deliver on our promises and prepare our clients for every potential issue long before the initial ground breaking.

Our pre-construction services are designed to anticipate challenges, eliminate surprises, and develop timely solutions to ensure efficient project delivery. We understand that no matter the process, it all begins with being a builder first and taking a hands-on approach to every aspect of a project from pre-construction through completion. DCG has a true understanding of the trade and knows how to be both hands-on and how to nurture close relationships with the best design partners and subcontractors in the market. The most important part of any construction planning is proactive communication. We ensure design teams work side-by-side with our clients, balancing goals and budgets so that all pre-project deadlines are met.

Pre-Construction Services Virginia

DCG  provided  pre-construction services to facilitate design, budgeting, and funding for this church near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Our team is always available to discuss your plans and ideas for more information about pre-construction services Virginia reach out to us today by going to our contact page or calling us at 540-428-3612.