End To End Services

DCG offers end-to-end services for all our construction clients. Whether you have a clear idea about where to take your project or you need help making a plan, we’re ready to help you start turning your dream into a reality. As a full service general contracting firm, DCG provides pre-construction, design and build, and general contracting services in the Virginia, Maryland, DC, and West Virginia areas. The services we provide are governed by our overarching mission to construct your vision with unequaled commitment, integrity, and value while building relationships with you, our subcontractors, and our employees.

The first step in partnering with a general contractor involves setting up the contract.

We offer several contract methods including:

Design-Build Contract. This method begins with an evaluation of your budget and schedule expectations. We will recommend a personalized design team who have experience working with related projects. In this setup, you’ll enjoy practical information and pricing based on current industry data. We also provide preliminary estimates and a variety of cost-saving options. The design-build contract method combines processes, thereby eliminating fees commonly associated with design. As your builder, we also gain understanding of project scope and expectations so that we’re fully prepared when the time for building arrives. By including several qualified subcontractors in the building process, we ensure quality and affordability from the start.

Negotiated Contract. The negotiated contract method means that our team will work with you, your architect, and any other design team members at a later time in the project. We will work alongside your outside team to guarantee the project remains under budget and on schedule without sacrificing quality.

Competitive Bid Contract. For projects where DCG services are required after the design phase, this method allows us to compete for your business among other general contractors. We pride ourselves on never compromising quality or service in competitive bid contracts. You will always receive the best regardless of the contract method you need to pursue. We’ll even assist to drive down costs by helping with re-design and alternative solutions if necessary.

We offer flexible contracts including:

Lump sum contracts are the most widely used. In this form of contract, we will provide a set contract cost for a pre-determined scope of work. Any changes to the contract are addressed by a change order document.

A guaranteed maximum price contract is the other form of contract that DCG offers. This allows clients to review project costs at any time. Clients provide fixed amounts for the project, and the method allows clients a completely transparent look at the project.

Regardless of the type of contract you choose, DCG is committed to providing services with integrity and value.

Our team is always available to discuss your plans and ideas. For more information about our general contracting services, reach out to us today by going to our contact page or calling us at 540-428-3612.

“We appreciate Dominion’s quick response in our hour of need and we will always consider you our first choice for contractors in the future.”

-Jean Lachance, Director of Rooms and Engineering, Airlie Center Warrenton VA

“Dominion was well organized, methodical, and very deliberate in all their processes and because of their efforts, for the first time in 3 years, we had COMPLETED facilities for the students to move into. There were no excuses or redundancy of efforts…They are fabulous!”

-S.E. Wagner, RA | Marshall, VA