PEPCO Fuel Facility PEMB Metal Building Construction

PEPCO Fuel Facility PEMB Metal Building Construction

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Canopy | New pre-engineered metal building canopy for a PEPCO fuel tank facility in Rockville, Maryland.

Metal Building Contractor

Our pre-construction service practices anticipate challenges and eliminate surprises. Therefore we develop timely solutions to ensure efficient project delivery. Further more we understand that no matter the process, it all begins with being a builder first. Because we take a hands-on approach to every aspect of a project from pre-metal building construction through completion.

Metal Building Construction

DCG has a true understanding of the metal building construction trade. For example we are hands-on and nurture close relationships with the best design partners and subcontractors in the market. Because the most important part of any construction planning is proactive communication. Finally we ensure design teams work side-by-side with our clients, balancing goals and budgets so that all pre-project deadlines are met.

Class A Virginia General Contractor
Our general contracting team here at DCG takes great pride in their relationships with metal building subcontractors and other project partners. Further more we work hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all of our project sites. Additionally we closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the safety, budget, and project timeline. Similarly as a general contractor, we can work with an owner or client in several different ways. For example; negotiated contracts, not to exceed or a hard bid a proposal. Above all DCG offers a full-service approach to metal building construction services with a commitment to excellence, quality, and safety throughout. Read more: Metal Building Systems Virginia

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